Advanced Adhesion Technology

All Gecko products offer SetaeGrip adhesion. Just like the Geckos natural ability to hold onto glass like surfaces, Gecko paints are designed to stick to a wide range of substrates and painted finishes.

  • Adhesion to alkyds
  • Exceptional hold out for topcaots
  • Free sanding
  • Excellent coverage

Gecko APU

Acrylic Primer Undercoat is a muiltpurpse interior/exterior undercoat that offers exceptional adhesion and topcoat hold out. APU is ideal for overcoating with any Gecko Acrylic and Polyurethane topcoat.

Gecko DS

Drywall sealer is suitable to all interior Timber and Drywall applications. It provides deep penetration to timber, drywall and Plaster surfaces to provide Contractors an ideal interior undercoat. DS requires minimal sanding reducing dust, gives an exceptional smooth surface with excellent adhesion. Its high solids formulation gives provides excellent opacity.

Gecko PS

Pigmented Sealer is a high opacity alkyd pigmented sealer. Smoke, nicotine, water stains, pen marks are easily sealed. PS provides excellent adhesion and seals old Varnishes and Polyurethanes. Its fast drying and sand freely.

Gecko Gen5

Our latest technical breakthrough. Gen5 is a multi purpose Alkyd primer that is a Tradies dream; Available July 2017

  • Primer: timber, plaster, Gib, Cement
  • Sealer/Stain Blocker: Nicotine,Watermarks, Pen marks
  • Undercoat: Adheres to old Enamels and Polyurethanes and seals Varnishes
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Seals and binds pourous cementitious surfaces
  • Rapid drying

GI Galvanised Iron Primer

Gecko GI is an acrylic, anti-corrosive, quick drying primer formulated for use on new and mildly weathered Galvanised steel.