Wagner is the global leader when it comes to spray equipment.

From traditional Airless technology, modern Aircoat systems through to heavy duty plaster spraying equipment, Wagner has the right product to suit every professional painter’s needs. With research and development centres located around the world, Wagner invests heavily in order to develop leading edge technology for the application of coatings.

AirCoat Systems

AirCoat - air assisted airless finishing systems are becoming increasingly popular in the trade...

The the AirCoat process (air assisted airless atomisation) the material is pushed through a spray tip at a relatively low pressure (435 - 1,740 psi), using a piston or diaphragm pump. This is supported by compressed air (7 - 36 psi) in the atomising process. This is made possible by the central air feed (air cap) which is fitted immediately at the top bore and surrounds the sprayed material like a sheath. This directs your spray to the surface with minimal overspray.


  • Air Assisted Airless Finishing Systems
  • Pneumatic AirCoat Systems
  • Aircoat Accessories


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Airless Pumps, Filters & Accessories

Backed by the most powerful warranty in the industry, Wagner airless sprayers offer quality and durability for interior and exterior applications. With airless spray technology paint is drawn into the gun and pressurised. It is then forced through a small orifice (through the spray tip) causing it to atomise.


  • Piston Pumps
    Reliable and innovative technology for increased performance. The perfect range of pumps for lighter work through to large commercial projects.
  • Diaphragm Pumps
    Proven and reliable diaphragm pumps from Wagner with QLS (Quality Long Stroke) technology allows the application of a wide range of materials.
  • Petrol Operated Pumps
    For times when access to power is limited.
  • Airless Pneumatic Pumps
    High quality pumps for a variety of different applications.
  • Tips & Filters
    Genuine Wagner spray tips and filters will provide the ultimate professional finish.


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Save on labour and material wastage with minimal overspray...

Wagner electrostatic spraying systems are used in many varied industries including; automotive, furniture, timber, shipping and pipe and steel manufacturing. The major benefits of this technology are the incredible labour and paint savings achieved. When coupled with the ease of operation and even film builds generated by this amazing technology, the Wagner electrostatic process is well worth considering.


  • Electrostatic Systems
    Incredible savings in labour and material wastage can be achieved with the use of a Wagner electrostatic system.
  • Electrostatic Guns
    Electrostatic Guns offer many advantages over conventional application techniques. In numerous areas of industry, electrostatic spray with the correct gun can be an enormous time saver.


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