Gecko Paints

Gecko paints have been developed in New Zealand using the latest international resin tehnologies to deliver outstanding application properties and durability. Developed for the trade Gecko Premium Acrylics offer more to the Professional Contractor:

  • Higher Volume Solids
  • Advanced Adhesion technology
  • More versatile products 
  • Low VOC technology


Gecko is manufactiured in ISO Certified facilities to ISO9001 and ISO17025 standards. Furthermore all activity complies with Australian Paint Approval Scheme (APAS)


State of the art manufacturing and lab facilties located in central North Island.


Gecko PU Range: Waterborne Polyurethane Finishes

Thinking Waterbased Enamel or Oil based Topcoat? Stop.

Gecko's PU range out performs both. 

  • Brushes like traditional Oil based Enamels for an ultra smooth finish
  • Extended wet edge
  • 2 hour recoat at 20oC
  • Free sanding after 2 hours
  • Excellent adhesion to sanded Enamels, Polyurethanes and Acrylics
  • Hard Enamel like finish with rapid cure
  • Rapid Water resistance
  • Brush, Roll or Spray

Gecko PU range offers tradies the perfect combination of rapid application with ease of use. Excelent surface hardness and water, grease and stain resistance make the PU range perfect for Hospitaility, Hospitals and Schools where a highly durable coating is required.

Now you have a genuine Enamel replacement with water wash up and low odour. 

Available in:

  • PU2 Matt ideal for interior Broardwall and Ceiling 
  • PU15 Satin ideal for interior Broardwall and Ceiling, Doors and Trim
  • PU30 SemiGloss ideal for interior Broardwall and Ceiling, interior/exterior Doors and Trim
  • PU70 Gloss ideal for interior/exterior Doors and Trim

Gecko PU range is so durable you can use it on Kitchen Cabinets, Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings

PU2 (Available July 2017) and PU15 are recomended for interior use only.

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Gecko EA Acrylic topcoat Range

Gecko's EA range advanced resin technology provides more versatility to painting Contractors demanding a high quality exterior finish. 

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Gloss retention
  • Flow
  • Non-blocking

Gecko EA range can also be used on exterior joinery as a more durable, longer life finish alternative to Oil and Acrylic Enamels. Easier application and excellent flow properties provide a smoother finish with excellent durabilty.

As a result EA15 Satin, EA30 SemiGloss and EA70 Gloss Acrylics are just as suited to exterior broardwall application as interior use.

One paint, multiple use.

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Premium Interior Acrylics

All the Gecko Interior range are 100% Acrylic premium formulations to provide easy of application and long lasting durability and preformance.

Gecko LS7 Low Sheen

LS7 offers outstanding surface durability for homeowners. For contractors it is easy to put on and provides excellent coverage.

  • Washable, scrub resistant surface
  • Easy Touch up
  • Ultra Low sheen finish
  • 7 percent gloss at 65 degree viewing angle 

Independently tested LS7 Low Sheen Acrylic offers increased surface durability that out-performs many competitor waterbased enamels, with the advantage of easy application.

Gecko M2 Matt

M2 is Geckos latest interior finish. Based on the proven LS7 platform M2 provides painting contractors a Matt finish designed for a more subtle look. M2 assists in minimising surface variation in light critical areas without compromising durability or ease of applicaiton.

  • Washable
  • Easy Touch up
  • Smooth Matt Finish
  • 2 percent gloss at 65 degree viewing angle 

Gecko CF0 Ceiling Flat

CF0 is a premium Ceiling Flat that provides high opacity, excellent flow and wet edge for easy application.

  • Easier touch ups
  • Dead Flat non reflective finish
  • Spray or Roll application


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Advanced Adhesion Technology

All Gecko products offer SetaeGrip adhesion. Just like the Geckos natural ability to hold onto glass like surfaces, Gecko paints are designed to stick to a wide range of substrates and painted finishes.

  • Adhesion to alkyds
  • Exceptional hold out for topcaots
  • Free sanding
  • Excellent coverage

Gecko APU

Acrylic Primer Undercoat is a muiltpurpse interior/exterior undercoat that offers exceptional adhesion and topcoat hold out. APU is ideal for overcoating with any Gecko Acrylic and Polyurethane topcoat.

Gecko DS

Drywall sealer is suitable to all interior Timber and Drywall applications. It provides deep penetration to timber, drywall and Plaster surfaces to provide Contractors an ideal interior undercoat. DS requires minimal sanding reducing dust, gives an exceptional smooth surface with excellent adhesion. Its high solids formulation gives provides excellent opacity.

Gecko PS

Pigmented Sealer is a high opacity alkyd pigmented sealer. Smoke, nicotine, water stains, pen marks are easily sealed. PS provides excellent adhesion and seals old Varnishes and Polyurethanes. Its fast drying and sand freely.

Gecko Gen5

Our latest technical breakthrough. Gen5 is a multi purpose Alkyd primer that is a Tradies dream; Available July 2017

  • Primer: timber, plaster, Gib, Cement
  • Sealer/Stain Blocker: Nicotine,Watermarks, Pen marks
  • Undercoat: Adheres to old Enamels and Polyurethanes and seals Varnishes
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Seals and binds pourous cementitious surfaces
  • Rapid drying

GI Galvanised Iron Primer

Gecko GI is an acrylic, anti-corrosive, quick drying primer formulated for use on new and mildly weathered Galvanised steel.


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HB15 Weatherproofing Acrylic

Gecko HB15 is a HiBuild weather proofing membrane designed for all exterior mortar renders, synthetic resin plasters, EIFS and solid masonry construction. Being highly water repellent with moisture vapour permeability Gecko HB15 provides a level of exterior protection and improved durability over traditional elastomeric paints. 

  • 50%+ Volume Solids
  • Bridges hairline cracks
  • Excellent Exterior durability

HB15 has good resistance to alkalinity. Traditional "Elastomeric Polymers" have poor ressitance to alkali attack. Gecko HB15 offers both flexibility and alkali resistance. Recomended film thickness 200 microns Wet, per coat.

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WBOS Waterbase Oil Stain

Geckos WBOS is a modified oil based stain containing a combination of Linseed and Tung oil. It provides deep penetration into wood, is water-soluble, with the benefits of water clean-up while retaining the durability and protective qualities of more conventional Oil-resinous products.  

WBOS is deep penetrating and applys like a traditional oil stain tor easy, rapid application. 

  • Exterior and interior timber
  • Natural weatherboards
  • Decks and Pergolas
  • Plywood and Fences
  • Outdoor furniture

Gecko WBOS dries to allow two coats to be applied on non-contact surfaces in one day, and will weather naturally, without risk of cracking, blistering and peeling.


WBOS is available in a large range of modern colours with a Matt finish. See our extended range of colours instore

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RA25 Roof 100% Acrylic

Gecko RA25 is a self-priming high solids exterior acrylic that has been designed to provide maximum durability and weather protection for Galvanised Iron Roofs. ArmourFlex technology provides a long lasting,
durable yet flexible coating that will withstand New Zealand's coastal climate extremes. Can be used on suitably prepared: 

  • Long run roofing
  • Coil coated cladding
  • Pre finished Galvanised Steel and Zincalume®
  • Concrete tile roofs

RA25 comes in a range of poplular roofing colours and can be tinted to most deep base colours 

GI Galvanised Iron Primer

Gecko GI is an acrylic, anti-corrosive, quick drying primer formulated for use on new and mildly weathered Galvanised steel.

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Gecko 10 year Guarantee

All Gecko products are manufactured to the highest quality and are fully warranted. All exterior products carry a full 10 year guarantee. Please refer to Gecko Guarantee Terms and Conditions.

Gecko 10 Year Easy to understand Guarantee

Gecko Paints Master Painter New Zealand approved


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